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Full paiement at reservation. If this deadline is not met, Golfer to Golfer cannot guarantee execution of the services.

The prices shown in our various brochures and individual and group programmes are established based on current pricing data as of the date of publication or drafting of the contract. We reserve the right to change them, regardless of the registration or payment date, the cost of oil, or the rates of hotels and carriers. Golfer to Golfer reserves the right to change them in accordance with legislative or regulatory provisions, particularly with reference to article 5 of the annex to the Decree of 14 June 1982.

CANCELLATION BY Golfer to Golfer
Refund in full of any sum paid. The client may claim an indemnity if the cancellation is required by circumstances of force majeure, for reasons of safety, or for an insufficient number of participants.

For any cancellation by the client, the refund will be paid after deduction of the cancellation fees indicated below, aside from any particular cancellation policy on the part of hotels or certain golf courses. Furthermore, the airfare part will be subject to a special cancellation policy.
A/ Trips and Circuits:
· Between 45 and 31 days prior to departure date: 30% of the total trip price + admin fees(not reimbursable by insurance).
· Between 30 and 21 days prior to departure date: 50% of the total trip price + admin fees(not reimbursable by insurance).
· Between 20 and 11 days prior to departure date: 75% of the total trip price + admin fees(not reimbursable by insurance).
· Fewer than 11 days prior to departure or relinquishment of the trip or failure to show up for departure: 100% of the total trip price. IMPORTANT: (See “Insurance”)

Any change to the original order fewer than 30 days prior to the departure date, unless previously agreed, shall be considered a cancellation and shall be subject to cancellation fees. Any postponement is considered a cancellation.

A trip interrupted or shortened, or any ground service not consumed for reasons attributable to the passenger for any reason whatsoever, does not entitle the client to any refund. (See “Insurance”)

DW&B is not liable for any loss, damage or theft of personal effects or baggage. Travellers have the option to take out insurance against the value of any item. (See “Insurance”)

The departure or return times imposed by air traffic, the rotation of aircraft, security requirements and force majeure or any other change do not entitle the client to any compensation whatsoever for the change in trip length. Furthermore, we cannot guarantee that all return flights to Paris will always be to the same airport as the departure airport, for weather, technical or other reasons not dependent on Golfer to Golfer. Any expenses (taxi, shuttle, parking) remain the responsibility of the client.

Our prices are calculated on a package basis and based on a certain number of nights (not days). Therefore if, because of changes in departure or return times imposed by the airlines, the first and/or second day are shortened by a late arrival or early-morning departure, no indemnity will be paid for any reason.

Prices established based on air-travel and security taxes and fares as of 22/02/2018.
Registration for one of our trips implies unconditional acceptance of these Terms and Conditions.

Itineraries and tickets will be turned over to the client only if the entire trip has been paid in full before the departure date.

The airlines make every effort to meet their own schedules, but delays are sometimes unavoidable. In most cases, the scheduled times of “special flights” are met. However, the airlines will not be held liable when complaints arise from incidents which are not caused by an irregularity in the air transport system. The term “irregularity” naturally covers cancellation of flights as well as changes in itineraries.

For our travel packages, we make use of various service providers. We are not to be confused with these service providers, who in any event remain liable to the traveller for their activity in terms of the statutes governing them, their legislation or conventions establishing a limitation on their liability, among other provisions. With particular regard to strikes and delays due to technical causes or weather conditions, we may not be held liable for the consequences or for costs incurred by the complete or partial cancellation of hotel and transport services.

Any failure or default found on site in the execution of the contract must be reported immediately, either directly toGolfer to Golfer or to our local correspondent, in writing, and countersigned on site so that we can take action as quickly as possible. This condition is essential in order to ensure that your claim is considered when you return from your trip. It must reach us within a maximum of 30 days after the final date of your trip. After this time, we may no longer consider it.

French travellers, or nationals of a European Union country, must hold a valid national ID card or a valid passport. For travellers of other nationalities, seek information from the country’s consulate.

The stated rankings correspond to the official standards of the Ministry of Tourism and Sports of the country where the facility is located. The golf programme may be changed if the general conditions of the course do not allow play to proceed.

The departure from France of minor children not holding a valid passport is subject to certain formalities. Seek information from the Police Department or from City Hall.

Golfer to Golfer may not be held liable in the event that the contracting party is unable to meet health, police or customs checks upon departure or during the trip.
Your documents must be in order with the local authorities in terms of police, customs and health formalities.
For you:,,

For any claim or dispute, the courts of Paris have sole jurisdictional competence.

In collaboration with Presence Assistance, Golfer to Golfer signed an agreement with that company to offer you optional coverage, including: Cancellation, Baggage, Interrupted Trip, Flight Delay
For additional information, please refer to the contract Terms and Conditions if you decide to take out insurance when booking.